Our local Ambassadors have created a week full of guided rides. Come and join us if you like, there is no charge for any of this. We’re just going out for a ride, and you are invited to join us.

Meet the Ambassadors

Scott Chisholm

Enduro and Snowbike enthusiast a with a relatively new passion for Adventure Biking!

Co-founder of Vernon Snow MX and The Snowbike Gathering.

Contact: Scott@GetDATS.com

Andrew Thompson

Enduro and Snowbike enthusiast a with a relatively new passion for Adventure Biking!

Co-founder of Vernon Snow MX and The Snowbike Gathering.

Contact: Andrew@GetDATS.com

Ian Mckill

Enduro, Snowbike, and Adventure Bike rider, builder of mighty machines, and accomplished racer.

Owner of Riders Edge Suspension.

Jeff Lalonde

Jeff is a avid road rider and is thrilled to take out groups of people on the easier routes throughout the Okanagan.

Brian Range

Brian may be from Prince George, but he knows how to get around the Okanagan on his Ducati Multistrada. Brian will help fellow road adventurers have a stellar day of riding!

Mike Haberoth

Mike is from Fort McMurray and loves bikes! In addition to offering to run “Sweep” on our rides, he is also a medic. Bonus! Hey, shit happens sometimes. We try to mitigate the risks, but you know…

Mike Klopp

One of our Amigos! Mike was the lead navigator for the winning team (our Team the “DATS Dirt Chimps”) at the 2018 HUMM event in Nakusp.


Hey you local. Got time to play?


Hey you local. Got time to play?

Become an Ambassador

We have piles of Adventure Bikers throughout the Okanagan, and we would be thrilled to work with others who share a passion for this sport, and showing others some good routes!

Please contact Scott@GetDATS.com for a chat!

Goodies for All Ambassadors

Ambassadors are local volunteers. Our sponsors have graciously assembled little gift packages filled with cool swag.

Large Lens Cloth from Zeal Optics. What a great gift. These are the best lens cloths that we have found!

$25 Gift Certificates from Marten Brewpub.

Craft Beer, awesome atmosphere and fantastic food!

$25 Gift Certificate from Helmut’s Sausage Kitchen.

A local favorite. Watch for them on the way up to Silverstar Mountain. Stop in to supercharge your meal plans! They also have a great bistro if you are looking for a snack.

A bag of goodies from Riders Edge Suspension. Thanks guys!

$25 Gift Certificates from Alexander’s Beach Pub.

Come and enjoy an evening overlooking Kalamalka Lake!

$25 Gift Certificates from Station BBQ Smokehouse

Great Southern BBQ right here in Vernon!

Ambassador Draw Prizes

Local Ambassadors have a special draw prize pool courtesy of our sponsors.

Sunglasses from Zeal Optics. Noice!

A Possibles Pouch from Giant Loop. A great addition to any dirtbike, snowbike, or ADV Bike!

Take your pick of a clothing item from Traction eRag’s online collection. Not sure who these guys are? Shame on you! Visit their website to access their dodgy publication. www.TractioneRag.com

DATS Dirt Chimps
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