We have some singletrack and doubletrack that contain some interesting “Attributes & Features”.

  • Expect Small-Medium Log Crossings, Roots, Rocks, Hills, and Possibly Mud
  • Not Suitable for Solo Travel. Challenging and Isolated.
  • GPS Tracks Highly Recommended
  • GPS Waypoints or Local Knowledge Required
  • Tow Straps Recommended

Becker Mountain “Salsa Shark”

[Duration: ~3 Hours]

Difficulty 4/6

This route can start from Noble Canyon or Hartnell Road. The featured segment in the middle is some really nice single track that contains some “features”.

This route is beyond the reach of novice enduro riders on their “Little” bikes as some of the climbs include sizeable roots and rocks.

ADV riders looking at this route need to know what they are doing when things get a little twisty, bumpy, and moderately steep on a single track.

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Bardoff Mountain “Loaded Diaper”

[Duration: ~3 Hours]

Difficulty 4/6

This route normally starts from Noble Canyon, but you can tack on some fun by starting at Hartnell Road.

The trails around Bardoff are impressive, and a lot of them are not well suited to ADV bikes. Some, however, are pretty stellar for these big monsters!

Be prepared for skinny trails, roots, small logs, baby head rocks, and ruts. Teams of 3+ are suggested.

Route – May Not Be Ready for 2018 :/

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