You don’t need to register for the Adventure Bike Gathering, but you can get some decals, a patch, a great (and big) lens cleaning cloth from Zeal Optics, and a couple of printed programs in advance. You just need to pony up $20 to cover our shipping and handling time.

2 Decals + 1 Patch

Big Lens Cleaning Cloth

A stellar lens cleaning cloth from Zeal Optics. A great addition to your pack for many sports. Thanks Zeal!

2 Printed Programs

We’ve worked with the guys from Traction eRag to help build our event booklet and we are happy to get a couple of printed copies in your hands in advance of the event.

Worth $20 to ya?

We’re not in this to make money, but we’re also busy people. This is what is costs to get things done, and get your goodies coming your way.

Assembling and shipping this package will cost you $20 Canadian. Cool?

To get things rolling, please fill out this form. We’ll get an email, then we’ll send you an invoice via email that can be paid easily online. Once payment is received, your package will be sent on its way!

Please note, we are not yet ready to process orders. Invoice emails will be sent out once we have our act together.

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