Difficulty 3/6

The steepness of slopes increase, and the trails get rougher and thinner. These trails are dangerous to undertake if not quite experienced and very familiar with your steed.

Difficulty Rating by Bike Size

  • Black Diamond (Advanced) for Large Adventure Bikes (1000 cc+ Bikes) and Mid-Sized Adventure Bikes (Tenere 700, KTM 790)
  • Blue Square (Intermediate) for Large Enduro Bikes (KTM 670, Husky 701) and Street Legal Enduro Bikes (350 cc to 500 cc)

Becker Mountain “Twisted Steel”

[Duration: ~3 Hours]

Difficulty 3/6

“Twisted Steel” starts off at the end of Vernon’s Hartnell Road and jumps right in to a fun fire road climb. This area is a starting point for many adventures, some much harder than others.

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Bardolph Mountain “ASDF”

[Duration: ~3 Hours]

Difficulty 3/6 (4/6 Sometimes)

There is a nice network of double track around Bardolph Mountain, especially around the lake. Expect some nice double track, some roots, a few rocks, and possibly some sizeable mud holes.

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