Difficulty 2/6

A route with a difficulty rating of 2/6 may contain rough resource roads, relatively smooth double-track, or really smooth single-track. This difficulty level represents an introduction to off-road riding, but these routes are not without their risks!

Difficulty Rating by Bike Size

  • Blue Square (Intermediate) for all bikes larger than 500 cc.
  • Green Dot (Novice) for all bikes smaller than 500 cc.

Little Kingdom Store to Falkland

[~1.5 Hours One Way]

Technical Difficulty 2/6

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Bardoff Mountain to Lumby via Powerline

[2-3 Hour Loop]

Technical Difficulty 2/6+

For the record, the image depicts a much harder off-trail option for the adventuresome.

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“Leather Donuts” & Aberdeen Columns

[Duration: ~2 – 3 Hours]

Technical Difficulty 2/6

Enjoy this scenic route through a series of haul roads around Vernon. Portions of the road get a bit rough, and are rather slippery when wet. Check out the optional leg and short hike into Aberdeen Columns.

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