It’s Not Supposed to be Easy, Even for Experienced Riders

  • Expect Log Crossings, Roots, Rocks, Hills, and Possibly Mud
  • Not Suitable for Solo Travel. Challenging and Isolated.
  • GPS Tracks Highly Recommended
  • GPS Waypoints or Local Knowledge Required

5 Piece Chicken Dinner

Difficulty 5/6

This route starts on Hartnell Road. After the fun fire road climb, you quickly get into some interesting terrain that will require a rather steep descent, and a series of trail segments in the cool cedar forest.

Each of the trails in the cedar forest gets progressively more difficult ending in a sustained steep climb back up the safety. Once this area is complete we head out to “Cool Down” on some more single and double track that is not without its significant challenges.

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Just Try to Relax

Difficulty 5/6

This route is found up Silverstar mountain near Proctor Lake. There are a number of tricky bits but all are eclipsed by the descent down toward Armstrong.

This route is a 4/6 for difficulty if ridden “Down” and a solid 5/6 if ridden “Up”.

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Up & Over Hunter’s Range

Difficulty 5/6

Here’s a long and high elevation route for skilled ADV Riders. Plan for a full day!

This is our most difficult Ambassador Guided ride for the 2018 Adventure Bike Gathering. Given the difficulty and remote nature of this ride, multiple locals will be volunteering to help ensure a safe and successful journey for all.

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