We’re Working with Sponsors, But Not to Make Money

We just want to give away more stuff to those who participate in these events.

Donate Draw Prizes

We’ll have draw prizes displayed on the home page for each year of this annual event.

In the years following the event, your contributions will be retained in the post-event evolution of the page. Your recognition will be getting out there in perpetuity.

View Home Page for Examples

Give to the Ambassadors

Our Local Ambassadors donate their time to test-ride, document, and share their tracks with others. We do this for the love of the sport and to share our adventure findings with others.

Adding a draw prize for Local Ambassadors offers a fun incentive, and it gets some nice representation on the Ambassador Guided Route page.

Event Package Goodies

There are no fees associated with any of the events that we coordinate, and nobody has to buy an Event Package, but some people will find great value in what we are assembling – with the help of sponsors.

Quick Notes

  • T-Shirts
  • Hats
  • Decals
  • Patches

Check out the associated web page.

Sponsor a Route (On Hold)

Every route that we add is an asset that can be viewed by riders for years to come.

If you have a solid offering for our viewers, and show us a little appreciation, we can hook you up with a permanent sponsorship that will be viewed by ADV riders for years. Hey! We love free stuff. What can I say?

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I have been attending events and races for 30 years now. Scott & Andrew (and the people of DATS) are operating on a whole different level – and it shows, to both attendees, and sponsors.

Ian McKill, Owner. Riders Edge Suspension

These guys have greatly exceeded all of our expectations on previous projects. We’re getting involved in this ADV Gathering with great enthusiasm.

Wilf Mulder, Kenwood Canada

More Information

Executive Producers

Scott Chisholm  |  Scott@GetDATS.com

Andrew Thompson  |  Andrew@GetDATS.com


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