Up & Over Hunters Range (Difficulty 5/6)


This is a long and remote adventure that contains several rather challenging sections that will see you driving up and down rocky outcrops that are sustained, and often rather slippery.

This route will guide you from Vernon, to Enderby, up and over Hunters Range, down to Lumby, and back to Vernon.

Route Status

To date, we have only ridden this on Husqvarna 501s. We have three trips under our belts, each of them a challenge, now it’s time to try the big bikes, once we can collect another rider or two for our party.

GPS Package Coming Summer 2018

Ride Notes

  • High Elevation – June through September
  • Remote Location – Be Prepared for Mechanical or Medical Possibilities
  • Possible Drastic Weather Changes – Pack for Possible Nasty Sleet
  • Possible Snow on Route
  • Several Rocky Climbs – Pre-Walking is Recommended
  • One Steep Babyhead Rock Decent (Difficulty 6/6 if you decide to reverse this route and climb this hill.)


If you get off the main jeep trail you may find yourself in some dangerous rocks with very slick mud. Do not try to go down to to the lake after the second cabin. This is difficult terrain for enduro bikes, perhaps impossible on adventure bikes.

Valued Sponsor Recognition

We built our pretty customized Husqvarna 501s with Riders Edge Suspension, and now we get a lot of our ADV advice, parts, and service from them as well.

Rider’s Edge is well known for tuning suspension, and Adventure bikes are no exception. If you ever visit their shop, you’ll see suspensions systems being shipped to them, and heading out the door everyday.

These guys know what they are doing.

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Our Hunter’s Range Video on Enduro Bikes (2016)

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