What is it?

Come to Vernon, British Columbia, for The Adventure Bike Gathering. There will be a bunch of dual sport and adventure bike riders to go on full day, and half day, rides with difficulties ranging from simple gravel to redonkulous!

There is no registration process. Just show up. Stay in a hotel, flop at a buddies house, stay in a campground, or stealth camp in the parking lot. We’ve seen it all! This year, however, most of us will be staying at the Cedar Falls Campground, just outside of town, and uniquely close to our main trailhead.

September 10 – 14, 2024

Vernon, British Columbia

The Routes

For 2024, many of the classic routes will be back, and we will be adding a mix of all new D1, D2, and D3, as those are the most popular.

Pre-Event Training Sessions

We are arranging for some training sessions to be made available in the days leading up to the main event, and perhaps overlapping, if there is sufficient interest. Here’s what we are working on:

Adventure 1

Hosted by Offroad Adventure Academy (OAA), Adventure 1 is considered one of the best training programs that you can take, regardless of your ability level.

Tuesday September 10 & Wednesday Sept 11

For more information, and to register, please check out the OAA website here.

CHipS! Agility Training for Motorcycle Police

Last year Scott and Andrew attempted to emulate some of the practice drills that we saw Ryan Fortnine doing in his wildly entertaining video. We fell in love with the games, and decided to go on the hunt for somebody who can arrange a training package for us, our our chimp buddies.

Details TBD

Intro to Roadbook Navigation

The guys from DualSportBC are hosting a one day Introduction to Roadbook Navigation session on Wednesday September 11.

Registration Details TBA.

The Hard ADV Club

We have a small group of very talented riders that attend each year to ride together. Please note, when we say they ride “The Hard Stuff”, know that these are literally some of the best riders in the world on ADV Bikes.

Do not join these guys lightly. Ideally, warm up on some of our D:4s. If you find them easy, then you may be ready.

Some Event Details…

Main Event (Sept 12 – 14)

Show up each morning in the parking lot outside of the Fairfield Hotel. There is a Blendz coffee shop in the immediate area.

  • If you are a Keener, show up at 7 AM. Some of the best rides leave at 8 AM.
  • Regular folks show up around 8 AM, pick a ride, chat with moto buddies from years gone by, and depart no later than 9 AM.

If you are on a half-day ride, you can come back to the food trucks for lunch, hang out with other riders, and pick an afternoon group to go out with.


For the best experience we suggest you join us at the Cedar Falls Campground. Use the code AdventureBike2024 to get a $5 discount / day.

If you just can’t swing the RV, car, van, or tent lifestyle, the Fairfield (by Marriott) is immediately adjacent to our morning meeting location.

Cost & Stuff

It’s free, but there are also no perks!

  • No accommodation.
  • Bring your own bike.
  • Pay for your own meals.
  • No guaranteed spots on rides.

This is not a professional event. Your satisfaction is not guaranteed. You are a part of making this gathering happen, not somebody paying to attend.

If you are lucky, you may get a decal or two, and perhaps win a prize from one of our sponsors.

If you are cool with all of this, we look forward to riding with you!

Routes & Difficulties

Get familiar with some of our routes by watching our videos. Remember, most videos make the riding look significantly easier.

View Routes

Pro Tips

  • Bring fresh off-road oriented tires!
  • Bring clothing for hot and dry as well as cold and wet.
  • Start with a half day “Easy” ride until you understand the difficulty rating system.
  • Don’t join big groups. Our GPS tracks are easy to follow with basic skills. You can do it!

Safety Check System

We don’t have one. Your buddies are your check-in system. Your communications gear is your lifeline. If you are going deep into the mountains like Park Mountain, Sugar Mountain, Hunter’s Range, Mara Lookout, etc. make sure you have all of the safety and communications gear within your group. We won’t know if you don’t make it back to town in a timely fashion.

Remember, this is not an event. This is a location and a time to meet. Whatever you decide to do once here is up to you!

2024 Draw Prizes

Thanks Kimpex! This Buck & Roll Tank Bag by Giant Loop is TOIGHT!

Coming Soon – We Hope!

Coming Soon – We Hope!

Gathering T-Shirts

Looking for some cool moto t-shirts? We got a bunch printed this year! Bring cash. We just want to recover our costs.

The Adventure Bike Gathering

September 10 – 14, 2024

Vernon, British Columbia

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