The Basics

The Adventure Bike Gathering is a 3 day event for dual-sport and adventure bike riders. We go on full and half day rides with difficulties ranging from mild to wild.

This is a free event. There is no registration process. Just show up.

September 12-14, 2024

Vernon, British Columbia

Accommodations & Morning Starting Point

Most of us will be staying at the Cedar Falls Campground, just outside of town, which is also uniquely close to our main trailhead.

  • Arrive & Check-In Wednesday September 11
  • Check-Out Sunday September 15

We have pre-booked the entire site. Please call in your reservation. Do not use their online system as it will show fully booked.

If you are staying elsewhere, please come to the campground each morning between 7 AM and 8 AM for coffee, snacks, and to connect with riding buddies.

Mid-Day Meeting Points

A lot of riders take on our 1/2 day rides. One in the morning, have lunch, another in the afternoon. This is a great approach to keeping your days flexible so you can change groups, increase difficulty, or take it a bit easier.

We meet mid-day at Vernon Motorsports to enjoy tunes, drinks, and snacks. Oh, and every so often people need a little wrenching on their bike!

Cost & Setting Expectations

It’s free, but there are also no perks!

  • No accommodation.
  • Bring your own bike.
  • Pay for your own meals.
  • No guaranteed spots on rides.

This is not a professional event. Your satisfaction is not guaranteed. You are a part of making this gathering happen, not somebody paying to attend.

If you are cool with all of this, we look forward to riding with you!

September 12-14, 2024

Vernon, British Columbia

The Routes

For 2024, many of the classic routes will be back, and we will be adding a mix of all new D1, D2, and D3, as those are the most popular.

Skills Training

Join us in a pre-event training event with OAA. Scott & Andrew are enrolled, and we encourage you to join us. We’ve heard amazing things about their training program.

Offroad Adventure Academy

Sept 10 & 11

Visit Website

Safety Check System

We don’t have one. Your buddies are your check-in system. Your communications gear is your lifeline. If you are going deep into the mountains like Park Mountain, Sugar Mountain, Hunter’s Range, Mara Lookout, etc. make sure you have all of the safety and communications gear within your group. We won’t know if you don’t make it back to town in a timely fashion.

Remember, this is not an event. This is a location and a time to meet. Whatever you decide to do once here is up to you!

Pro Tips

Join That Moto App and download TMA Mobile on your phone. All of the tracks will be made available to you this way exclusively!

Bring fresh off-road oriented tires!

Bring clothing for hot and dry as well as cold and wet.

Start with a half day “Easy” ride until you understand the difficulty rating system.

Don’t join big groups. Our GPS tracks are easy to follow with basic skills. You can do it!

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