What is it?

The Adventure Bike Gathering is an annual event where Adventure and Dual Sport Bikes and Riders gather to hit the dirt. This 3 day event is completely free, well organized, and rather well attended if we may say so ourselves.

We do a lot of the promotion and “awareness preparation” through YouTube videos which are produced under the channel named Dirt Chimps. This website is also a wealth of information. We hope you can set aside some time to cruise around, check out our event, and hopefully plan your trip!

September 15 – 17, 2022

Vernon, British Columbia

Here’s the plan…

There is no pre-registration process. We have a pile of reasons for this but they are not worth cluttering this page. We may have 20 people show up, or 200.

Come to Vernon. Stay in a hotel, flop at a buddies house, stay in a campground, or stealth camp in the parking lot. We’ve seen it all!

Show up each morning is the parking lot outside of World Health. There will be food trucks serving breakfast.

  • If you are a Keener, show up at 7 AM. You will get the greatest choice of rides to join, and the most bench racing time. If you plan to go on a full day ride, come early as the team likely needs to leave early to get home before dark.
  • Regular folks show up around 8 AM to sign waivers, pick a ride, to chat with moto buddies from years gone by, and depart on time at 9 AM.
  • The Nappers arrive any time after 9 AM when most of us are gone but hopefully find somebody to ride with! Hey, we run a tight ship!

If you are on a half-day ride, you can come back to the food trucks for lunch, hang out with other rides, and pick an afternoon group to go out with.

Last Year’s Event Videos

Here is a link to a playlist of event videos from last year. Click it!

2022 Routes

We have prepared new routes for 2022, and created a system so you can ride some of the best, and most classic, trails from Gatherings gone by. Check out our new ROUTES page.

Hard ADV Club

We are working on a system that will pre-test riders before they are allowed to join the harder full day routes. We need to make sure people have the skills, and appropriate attitude, before going on these challenging rides. Come prepared to have your skills questioned, and possibly tested! Membership in the Hard ADV Club is not guaranteed; both for your safety and the safety of others.

Know Your Duct Tape Name Tags

  • Silver > Regular Kick-Ass ADV Rider
  • Yellow > Hard ADV Club Member (Elite)
  • Pink > Event Organizer (Just Scott or Andrew for Now!)

Decal Kits

We have made only 150 decal kits. Last year we made 100 and a bunch of people were really sad that they did not get one.

We are changing $10 for decal kits. We need to pay designers and our local print shop. Bring cash if you want some!

Here are some details for ya…

Choose Your Adventure

There is no charge for this event. We’re just some Dirt Chimps going out for a ride. You can:

  • join one of our Ambassador Guided rides,
  • take our GPS tracks and guide yourselves, or
  • create your own adventure in our many local road and trail systems.

Suitable Bikes

Anything street legal with dirt-worthy tires. 250cc to whatever monster you call your steed.

We especially enjoy our guests on big adventure bikes. This event creates a unique atmosphere for people to work together to get these bikes through challenging trails.


Vernon has a lot of options, but it is often nice to stay near other event participants. We suggest:

  • Riviera Plaza
  • Prestige Inn
  • Vernon Lodge

If camping, we suggest Ellison Provincial Campground, which is beautiful!

Event Cost & Stuff

This event is totally free. There are also no perks!

  • No accommodation.
  • Bring your own bike.
  • Pay for your own meals.
  • No event t-shirts.
  • No guaranteed spots on the ride that you want to go on.

This is not a professional event. Your satisfaction is not guaranteed. You will be asked to help others. You are a part of making this event happen, not somebody paying to attend.

If you are lucky you may get a decal or two, and perhaps win a prize from one of our sponsors.

If you are cool with all of this, we look forward to riding with you!

Safety Check System

We don’t have one. Your buddies are your check-in system. Your communications gear is your lifeline. If you are going deep into the mountains like Park Mountain, Sugar Mountain, Hunter’s Range, Mara Lookout, etc. make sure you have all of the safety and communications gear within your group. We won’t know if you don’t make it back to town in a timely fashion.

Routes & Difficulties

Get familiar with some of our routes by watching our videos. Remember, most videos make the riding look significantly easier.

View Routes

Be Prepared

Physical fitness plays a significant role as rides can take 3 to 4 hours, venture deep into the wilderness, and can have sustained levels of difficulty.

50:50 tires should be considered a minimum. None of our routes are groomed!

All of our bikes are geared down for technical off-road riding. If you still have stock gearing, perhaps it is time to gear that pony down so it behaves like a good dirt monster that is not constantly trying to kill you!

Bring riding gear for weather that could be 25 degrees and sunny (yay), or 10 degrees and rainy (ew!).

2022 Draw Prizes

We have been fortunate to have piles of things to give away every year. Here’s what has been offered so far for 2022.

Dirty Matt is also giving away 4 $50 gift certificates so you can pick up the phone and get some stuff on him.

Rapid Revolutions

This Nuetech Tubliss Mini Foot Pump looks pretty sweet. Thank you Rapid Revolutions!

When the weather turns, the last thing you want is fogged up goggles or glasses. Simply spray and wipe for five days of clear coverage. Thanks Dirty matt of Rapid Revolutions for this raw prize!

Everybody knows Traction eRag around here, right? Well, if you have not been to one of their training programs already, then you are likely a terrible rider! Hey, I kid, a little bit. 😛

Dallas has graciously donated a full meat deal to one of their training programs. If you have a bike, then great, ride it. If you need to fly in, or are between bikes, they have one for ya. Cool, eh?

Go check them out. You likely don’t know everything that you should about this great BC company. LINK

Pack your tools in style with this Oxford Underseat Tool Kit donated by Rapid Revolutions.

Need a chain brush? This one looks nice. This one is made by DRC and has been donated by Rapid Revolutions.

Enhance your riding experience by being able to chat with your buddies. This kit, donated by Rapid Revolutions, contains a Cardo Communicator that can be fastened to your helmet. Next step, tell your buddies to get off their wallets and get hooked up!

How about a 6 way spoke wrench made by BVP, and donated by Rapid Revolutions?

Here’s a nice way to turn your heavy (and messy) Jerry Can into a little service station. It’s a battery powered fuel transfer pump made by Tera and donated by Rapid Revolutions.

Everybody has one of these by now, right? Hey, I could certainly use another, they are that good. Jump start your car or bike, use the flashlight, or charge any of your mobile devices. Everybody say “Thank you” to Dirty Matt of Rapid Revolutions for being such a draw prize champion!

This is how we pump up our tires after a zesty off-road session. If you are lucky you may win this Stop & Go Mini Air Compressor donated by Rapid Revolutions.

We’v e recently become addicted to BDRs, but have not yet done any of Roger’s Canadian BDRs. We’ll check these out this summer!

Roger has donated two GPS packages to the Gathering. One Okanagan package, and another for the Kootenay region.

Don’t wait to win something. Go check out his website and grab an adventure for you and your moto buddies this spring and summer!

Visit Canada BDR.

Do you have a draw prize to offer? Please email TheAdventureBikegathering@gmail.com.

The Adventure Bike Gathering

September 15 – 17, 2022

Vernon, British Columbia

Great Videos to Help Get Prepared

The Adventure Bike Gathering is an off road focused event. Here are some great videos that we have shortlisted for you to help you prepare. This is really just a teaser. You should watch all of Brett’s videos at MOTOTREK on YouTube.

Skill Sharing

One thing that makes this event really different is our built-in skill sharing sessions. See the booklet for details.

Basic Bike Set-Up for Offroad

Get your bike ready for going off road! As Brett explains, stock set-up is not ideal, unless you are just riding to Starbucks on your pony.

Riding Dirt & Gravel

This is a great video to get you warmed up for the harder terrain.

Riding Hills

This is a great video to get you warmed up for the harder terrain.

Loose Rocks & Babyheads

We have some climbs with bumpy sections, loose rocks, and babyheads!

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If email works best for you, feel free to reach out to us at TheAdventureBikeGathering@gmail.com.

Let’s go on some adventures!

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