HUMM Monashees 2018

We attended this event just a few days ago, and got right into looking at our footage and doing a quick edit.

This 2 day event has participants seeking out checkpoints of varying difficulty and point value. One of the coolest things about this type of event is how everybody is out on their own adventure.

I did not include much of our Day 1 video footage as the footage was just not as exciting. We collected lots of points, but the terrain was a bit easier than expected. We decided dive into the deep end for Day 2 and hit a series of the hardest waypoints labelled 5+ and double black. We were warned that these checkpoints were pretty nuts for big adventure bikes – and the effort that we had to expend was incredible.

This event was brilliantly orchestrated by Horizons Unlimited. There are also a tremendous number of volunteers involved in the success of this event. The local ATV club deserves special mention. Thank you all for what you have created, and shared with us participants.

The DATS Dirt Chimps will be attending next year and we encourage all adventuresome riders on small, medium, and large bikes to get involved. It’s awesome!

DATS Dirt Chimps
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