The 2018 Adventure Bike Gathering is Done!

Scott & Andrew (Dirt Chimps) had no idea if anybody was going to join us. We just put this idea out there – and a pile of great people joined us! Everybody was super friendly and contributed positively to the group vibe. When combined with the evening Gatherings, we collectively created something really unique.

Here is our event video. We regret not filming more of the lunch and evening Gatherings! To all of my friends!

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Ambassador Guided Rides

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Routes & GPS Files

We’ve got some excellent riding here in the Okanagan, and we are happy to share some insider information. We’ve got short rides, long rides, easy rides, and challenging rides.

Come check out our ever growing resource for riding around Vernon, British Columbia.

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Social Gatherings

It’s often fun to meet-up with fellow adventurers, especially after a day of riding. We’ve worked out some gatherings where you can expect some good food (sometimes free) and some draw prizes.

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September 2018 Gathering Draw Prizes

We’re excited about facilitating the giving away of all kinds of draw prizes for the people who attend any of our Gatherings – Group Rides and Social Gatherings included!


If you are interested in supplying some goodies, please check out this information page for Sponsors.

Sunglasses from Zeal Optics. Noice!

How about a Gift Certificate for a plush new seat?

We’ve got $185USD toward your lazy-boy transformation. These seats are the bomb!

Visit their website here.

A “Possibles Pouch” from Giant Loop. A great addition to any dirtbike, snowbike, or ADV Bike! We’ve been finding all kinds of uses for these!

Take your pick of a clothing item from Traction eRag’s online collection. Not sure who these guys are? Shame on you! Visit their website to access their dodgy publication.

3 x $100 gift certificates toward a custom Adventure Bike Suspension Rebuild from  Riders Edge Suspension.

A set radios from JVC Kenwood Canada. We don’t use the Kenwood PKT-23 while riding, but have found a ton of uses for these little radios while out exploring. Compact, tons of jam, and a great addition to any kit.

A Coyote Roll Top Bag from Giant Loop. Suitable dual sport and adventure bikes!

Motorfist Scout Backpack complete with 10 liter hydration pack.

PackTalk Duo.

Keep in contact with your riding partner with this headset communicator combo from Cardo Systems. Includes 2 headset communicators and all required goodies to get you chatting back and forth.

Riders Edge Suspension and Husqvarna Motorcycles have offered a wide variety of little draw prizes. Thanks guys!

The Adventure Bike Gathering

September 2018, Vernon, British Columbia

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