It Sure Was Fun!

3 days of off-road oriented adventure biking in the North Okanagan of British Columbia, Canada! September 17, 18, and 19 (Thursday through Saturday).

As always, this is a free event put on by a handful of passionate locals.

2020 ADV Gathering Quick Notes

  • 3 Days of Riding the Best of the North Okanagan – DIRT!
  • Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Groups
  • Riding Bardoff Mountain, Becker Mountain, and Mt. Ida.
  • Progressive Skill Sharing Sessions
  • This is a FREE event. You do, however, need to sort out your accommodations and pay for your own meals. Cool?

Recent Posts

Ambassador Guided Rides

Our local Ambassadors are happy to show you some of our favorite routes. There is no charge for these events. We’re just some guys (and possibly gals) going out for a ride.

Each day we will be breaking into three groups.

  • Novice Dirt Riders
  • Intermediate Dirt Riders
  • Advanced Dirt Riders

Each day includes…

  • Morning Gathering
  • AM Ride
  • Lunch Gathering
  • PM Ride
  • Evening Gathering, Awards, and Prizes


We’ve got some excellent riding here in the Okanagan, and we are happy to share some insider information. We’ve got short rides, long rides, easy rides, and challenging rides.

Come check out our ever growing resource for riding around Vernon, British Columbia.

Resources Include:

  • Route Descriptions
  • Photos (Usually)
  • Route Video (Sometimes)

View Routes

Social Gatherings

It’s often fun to meet-up with fellow adventurers, especially after a day of riding. We’ve worked out some gatherings where you can expect some good food (sometimes free) and some draw prizes.

Read more

Truth be told, our Evening Gatherings are really a differentiator from other events. Even if you did not ride during the day, you don’t want to miss the evening Bench Racing!

2020 Gathering Draw Prizes

We’re excited about facilitating the giving away of all kinds of draw prizes for the people who attend any of our Gatherings – Group Rides and Social Gatherings included!

Riders Edge Suspension has offered us TEN $200 GC’s towards a full suspension redux!

This is, quite simply, the single best improvement that can be made to any adventure bike. Noice!

You could win this snazzy Zig-Zag Handlebar Bag from Giant Loop. Carry all of those little things that you need to have like wallet, sunglasses, phone, lip balm, etc. Sweet!

Check out this cool “Wearable Sound” from JVCKENWOOD Canada – oh my! If this one goes missing, Scott took it!

JVCKENWOOD Canada has come through, once again, with a donation of a set of highly portable PKT-23 radios. If you watch our summer, or winter videos, you will know how much we put these to good use!

We are big fans of the Possibles Pouch from Giant Loop. We use them on our Adventure Bikes in the summer, and our Snowbikes in the winter. Bomber!

Camel ADV products has donated some gift certificates for us to give away. Thanks guys!

Cory and his crew also maintain a YouTube channel with some BOMBER riding! Check it out here.

The Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag is a great addition to your packing solution. Offering 1.5 litres of packable volume, it’s easy to find some things that will be pleasantly out of your backpack or jacket pockets, and on to your steed. Thanks Giant Loop!

JVCKENWOOD Canada has even more goodies to give away. Check out these Sport Wireless headphones with microphone. Bomber!

Ride the big Chilcotin Mountains with Moto Experience.

As returning sponsors, Moto Experience is offering a free day of guided riding for you and 3 buddies. Epic!

Check out their website for some big adventures!

Zeal Optics gave us so many of these nice lens cloths last year that we have a pile to still give away. Nice!

Year after year Cardo Systems keeps supporting us with draw prizes. Everybody knows how much a headset communicator can enhance your riding experience. Thanks guys!

The Adventure Bike Gathering

September 17, 18, and 19, 2020

Vernon, British Columbia

Great Videos to Help Get Prepared

The Adventure Bike Gathering is an off road focused event. Here are some great videos that we have shortlisted for you to help you prepare. This is really just a teaser. You should watch all of Brett’s videos at MOTOTREK on YouTube.

Skill Sharing

One thing that makes this event really different is our built-in skill sharing sessions. See the booklet for details.

Basic Bike Set-Up for Offroad

Get your bike ready for going off road! As Brett explains, stock set-up is not ideal, unless you are just riding to Starbucks on your pony.

Riding Dirt & Gravel

This is a great video to get you warmed up for the harder terrain.

Riding Hills

This is a great video to get you warmed up for the harder terrain.

Loose Rocks & Babyheads

We have some climbs with bumpy sections, loose rocks, and babyheads!

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Founding Sponsor

DATS is a web-based integrated management system that works with companies of all sizes. Headquartered in Vernon, B.C.

Visit our DATS Productions Vimeo account to see a blend of software and wilderness adventures in video format.

DATS Productions on Vimeo

Join the Adventure Bike Gathering!

If you “Do” Facebook, that is likely your best place to let us know that you plan to attend, ask questions, chat with others, etc.

If email works best for you, feel free to reach out to us at

Let’s go on some adventures!