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What follows are a collection of routes that have been ridden and mapped by the organizers of The Adventure Bike Gathering (Scott & Andrew). Please note that conditions change over time and we cannot guarantee that these routes still exist, or that they have not become significantly more difficult. If you decide to follow these routes please use your own discretion, take the necessary precautions for back-country travel, and know when to turn around or bail should conditions deteriorate (trail, weather, etc.) or if you are becoming fatigued.

Please refer to the visual to the right for an explanation of difficulty ratings.

As you will see, this page is as much for sharing as it is for our planning. Items in bold and orange are being worked on. If you are a keener, and want to join us, it’s pretty easy to see what we are up to!

Difficulty Levels 0 to 2 (Novice)

HALF DAY (Easiest)

Salmon River Road to Salmon Arm

Difficulty 0/6, Half Day

The Salmon River Road is nice and twisty for the South end, then long straight shots with 90 degree corners will take you through the farm lands of this picturesque valley.

Leaving Vernon from the North, take Hwy 97 towards Kamloops then watch for the Salmon River Road turnoff to your right (North).

Video: Negative

King Eddy to Lakeland

Difficulty 1+/6, Half Day

Head East out of Vernon on Highway 6, Turn South on King Eddy Resource Road, and pop out in Lakeland.

Video: Yes! Click on the image below.

Aberdeen Plateau

Difficulty 1+/6, Half Day

Head East out of Vernon on Highway 6, working your way through the back roads of Lavington until you hit the Bluenose FSR. This will connect you to Aberdeen FSR taking you up and over the plateau. Stop at one of the many lakes before hitting the blacktop on Highway 33 East of Kelowna. Difficulty 1+/6, Half Day

Video: Nope. Sorry!


Noble Canyon to Lumby

Difficulty 2/6, Half Day

We zoom out of Vernon on Highway 6 to Lavington where we jump into the gravel at Noble Canyon. We head up into the Bardolph riding area and pretty much stick with the power line until we hit Lumby. At this point most people zoom back to Vernon, grab some lunch, and head out again on another adventure!

Video: Sorry, we are slackers.

Mt. Ida’s Squish Mitten

Difficulty 2/6, Half Day+

Head North out of Vernon to Highway 97. Travel West to Salmon River Road. Tun North, enjoy the twisty road, and follow the GPS tracks for a relatively easy route around Mt. Ida.

This route takes a little more than a half day as the drive to and from Mt. Ida is about 40 minutes.

Video: Yes! Click on the image below. Oddly, in this video we have mixed both a nice and easy route, and something truly diabolical.

HALF DAY (Hardest)

Stink Palm

Difficulty 3/6 (But Barely!), Half Day

The hardest part of this pretty cool route is Hartnell Road’s crux which is 100 meters of Difficulty 3/6, the rest is haul roads, then a bunch of really nice D:2/6 double track. This is a great route for novice riders looking to bust into some really nice double-track that won’t be trying to kill you all of the time.

Here’s the run-down. Leave Vernon on Hartnell Road, zoom across Becker Mountain and down to Bardolph Road. Braap up the twisty road and then turn right at the power line. Follow the GPS tracks and they will take you to a nice double-track that will then start following parallel to the power line eastward. All of a sudden you’ll do a 180 and be coming back west so you can follow another nice double-track back that will dump you on a road, ultimately funnelling you down to Noble Canyon. We mapped this with a fun excursion on the way home that you should give a try so keep an eye on the GPS!

Video: Yes! Click on the image below.

Have You Seen my Pinius?

Difficulty 2/6, Half Day

Head North out of Vernon to Highway 97. Travel West to Westside Road then South to Little Kingdom Store. Follow our resource road loop up into the hills, across the plateau, down past Pinius Lake, and exit near Westwold. Return via highway 97.

Video: Yes! Click on the image below.


Marco’s Monashee Meander

Difficulty 2/6, Full Day

Here is a big ride that gets into some crazy good views of the Monashee Mountains. At 4 hours of swift riding, this route is likely to take a full day. Bikes with small gas tanks should likely top up in Lumby on the way out!

Video: Not yet!

Difficulty Level 3 (Intermediate for Big Bikes)

HALF DAY (Easier)

Microwaved Popcorn (Stunning Ride!)

Difficulty 3/6, Half Day

Get up into the hills above Kal Park for some stunning riding, and great views. We suggest keeping groups small in here as it is extra dusty when conditions are dry.

This route starts on King Eddy FSR and heads up into the hills. Expect resource roads, some good and long double-track (D:3/6) and one especially nice climb to a microwave tower.

Video: You betcha!

Bardolph Rappin Granny

Difficulty 3/6, Half Day

Vernon to Noble Canyon on Hwy 6, Bardolph Haul Road (D: 1/6) to Rappin Granny (D2/6 with D4+/6 Option), Bardolph Lake Double-track, Exit to Hurt Road.

Updated route since video was filmed. Better exit. Also a lovely trail in reverse!

Video: Yes! Click on the image below.

HALF DAY (Harder)

Twisted Steel (Absolute Classic)

Difficulty 3/6, Half Day

Up Hartnell Road and then on to the nice, long, flowy, and sustained 3/6 trail that will take you to the other side of Becker Mountain. From there you can decide to return the way you came, exit through noble canyon, or perhaps come back on Salsa Shark!

Expect all kinds of rock, small logs, and some deep ruts that you may rather not get sucked into. Alternatively, increase the difficulty of the ride substantially by taking on the rough stuff.

Video: Yes! Click on the image below.

Becker Mountain Intro to Intermediate

Difficulty 3/6, Half Day

Becker Mountain overlooks Vernon and has a pile of trails, many of them are quite difficult. The route grabs a flowy combination of trails that are a little less gnarly for Adventure Bikes.

Hartnell Road (D: 3/6), Resource Road to Lookout (D: 1/6), Down Top Boss to Gate (D: 2/6), Lower Flow (D: 2/6), Up the Powerline (D: 2/6 with D: 3/6 Options), Shortcut to Powerline (D: 2/6), Powerline to Summit & Lavington Lookout (D: 2+/6), Powerline to Resource Road (D: 2/6), Descend Resource Road to Noble Canyon (D: 1/6)

Video: We will shoot this!


The Chonkinator

Difficulty 3/6, Full Day

200 kms is solid riding with some huge views!

Video: Not yet!

Sancho’s Revenge

Difficulty 3/6, Full Day

Here’s a nice loop that covers about 120k of dirt and gravel. A lot of the double-track is a sustained 2/6 with a few segments that get a bit tougher, hence the 3/6 rating. A small group of fast riders could do this in about 5 hours. Larger groups, or those not riding fast all of the time, will certainly take a bigger portion of the day!

Video: Yes! Click on the images below.

The Stinky 500

Difficulty 3/6, Full Day

With a name like “The Stinky 500” this route is destined to become a classic.

This lengthy route starts near Vernon and takes you on a 250+ km tour of the high country south of highway 6. This route offers up a pile of double-track, rough resource roads, a river crossing, and a stint on motorcycle-famous highway 6. If you take this route know that you can go around the challenging (D:4/6) climb that has you turning off the haul road right at the beginning. Furthermore, if you find yourself getting tired near the end of the ride simply exit on Noble Canyon Road before taking on Salsa Shark.

At its peak you will hit about 6,200 feet. Expect some big views if the weather is nice. Given the distance and elevation we suggest packing for remote travel, and all types of plausible weather.

Video: Yes! Click on the image below.

Difficulty Level 4 (Advanced+ for Big Bikes)

HALF DAY (Easier)

Olaf Berserker & Descending Salsa Shark (Amazing)

Difficulty 4/6, Half Day (With Minimal Rest Stops)

Fun Factor: Little Crashes, Big Smiles

Here’s a great difficulty 4/6 route that includes many of the Gathering’s classics.

Hartnell Road (D: 3/6), Plumber’s Butt (D: 4/6), Down Some Guy (D: 3+/6), Descend Olaf Berserker AKA “The Chute” (D:4/6), Lower Flow (D: 2/6), Ascend Side Hustle (D: 3+/6), Ascend Bruised Marble (D: 4/6), Rooty McRockface (D: 4/6), Salsa Shark to the Lavington Lookout (D: 4/6) all then of the way down the rest of Salsa Shark to the Noble Canyon Gravel Pit.

Video: Click the images below to see some of the featured sections.

Loaded Diaper

Difficulty 4/6, Half Day

Fun Factor: This is a fun trail if you want something that is generally easy, but dips into the 4’s for difficulty for a little bit.

There is a nice network of double track around Bardolph Mountain, especially around the lake. Expect some nice double track, some roots, a few rocks, and possibly some sizeable mud holes.

Video: Yes! Click on the image below.


Twisted Steel & Climb Salsa Shark (Quacktastic)

Difficulty 4/6, Half Day (With Minimal Rest Stops)

Fun Factor: Very High. Locals do this route frequently because it is just so good!

This is one of our favorite routes on the big bikes. You start on Hartnell Road (D: 3/6) then do Twisted Steel to warm up (D: 3/6). Now you are on the other side of the mountain where you descend down to the Gravel Pit around the 5 km mark. Start climbing up the powerline until you get pushed on to the road. Ascend the resource road to the base of Salsa Shark (D: 4/6) which from this direction will be a series of climbs under the poweline until you reach the Lavington Lookout. After your snack, jump back in the trees to finish Salsa Shark, cross the road, finish the powerline, and take the shortcut to the Cougar Tree. From here you will likely be ready to work your way back to Hartnell Road. If, however, you still have some steam, consider heading towards the Vernon side of the mountain and play on Upper Flow, The Chute, Lower Flow, etc.

Video: Click the images below to see some of the featured sections.

Yankee Flats & Big Boy Climbs

Difficulty 4/6, Half Day

Zoom out of town to Yankee Flats, quickly get up into some high country, then challenge your skills on some rocky double-track climbs. This a great testing ground for anybody considering going on one of the full day advanced routes that will have you climbing real mountains.

Video: Yes! Click on the image below!

HALF DAY (Harder)

Becker Mountain’s 5 Piece Chicken Dinner (Caution Big Bike Riders!)

Difficulty 4+/6, Half Day

Fun Factor: This ride is pretty cool. It’s all single track after Hartnell Road, and some of it is pretty tight. I love this area on a smaller bike, and won’t do it on a 1090. I especially love the cooler cedar forest as it is somewhat unique for our area.

This spicy route combines a series of short, but challenging, trails on Becker Mountain which overlooks Vernon. These are some of our best trails and they are really tough on big adventure bikes. We suggest they may not be that great of an idea on anything larger than a 700cc steed, and even then you need to bring your A game.

Hartnell Road (D:3/6), 5 Piece Chicken Dinner AKA “Locals Only” (D:4+/6), The Cross-Over (D:4+/6), Rolling Coal (D:4+/6), Gold Mine Doubletrack (D:3/6), Descend Hartnell Road (D:3/6)

Video: You betcha. Click on the image below.

Singletrack Dreams & Big Bike Screams

Difficulty 4/6, Half Day or Full Day

Check your GPS tracks for this one. It is a bit of a secret area.

Video: Yes! Click on the image below!


Buck Hills (A Sustained Challenge!)

Difficulty 4/6, Typically a Full Day, a Half Day if You GIVER!

Fun Factor: Very high. When we come out with a rating system, this one will get a high score. Let’s just say if you are thinking about this ride, or Jailhouse Lover, go here every time 😉

Yes, this is a 4/6, but barely. It is a 3/6 with a degree of remoteness that has given it a little push.

Watch the video and you will see that this is a GREAT route. The next time I do it, if I am not pressed for time, I will come back on another route (of which there are several) so it can be a proper all day dirt ride.

If you do the tracks as they are shared for 2021, you could do this in a half day if you leave early, and ride solid without many breaks. Alternatively, take your time, enjoy the scenery and the stunning trail, and may it your day!

Video: Yup, right down there!

Terrace Mountain Summit

Difficulty 4/6, Full Day

Use your  navigation skills to find your way to the summit of Terrace Mountain. There are multiple ways to get to the base of the big climb which will take you right to the summit. The last kilometre or so is why this is rating with a difficulty of 4/6 as the rest of the ride is likely a 2/6. It’s a great ride!

Video: Not yet!

Malakwa Masher (Our Favourite Ride?)

Difficulty 4/6+, VERY Full Day

This is a MONSTER ride with a LOT of technical off-road. Perhaps the most “Big Boy” ride we have. Once you hit the rocks, you will be on them for several hours.

This one ticks all of the danger boxes. It is super remote. It is tricky. It’s in the mountains. People will get tired if they are not on their game, and physically very fit. Mistakes will be made. Train for this one, and head out there with all of your safety and mechanical stuff. If you need a rescue, it will be a helicopter.

When we mapped this we were in a VERY fast group and it took us a solid 8 hours.

Video: Yes! Click on the image below!

Difficulty Level 5 (Expert+ Riders on Big Bikes)

FULL DAY (Easier)

Up and Over Hunter’s Range (Big Adventure, Big Smiles)

Difficulty 5/6, Full Day

Fun Factor: Big adventure. Awesome.

This is a big undertaking that will take you all the way up into the alpine where snowbikes rule throughout the winter!

This route is very remote, very challenging, and not to be taken lightly. Prepare, pack, and ride accordingly.

Video: Yes! Click on the image below.

Mara Mountain Lookout 

Difficulty 5/6, Full Day

Fun Factor: HOT!

Here is a fun ride that ends with a HUGE view, if the weather cooperates. Yes, there is some pavements to get there, but it is well worth it!

Video: Yes! Two videos in fact!

FULL DAY (Hardest)

6 Kilometres of Crazy (A Real Test of Skill, and Endurance)

Difficulty 5/6, Full Day

Fun Factor: TOP SHELF!

Here is a big ride that will take you up and over two small mountains and two BIG mountains! This is a seriously hard ride where you will likely have to leave early, and arrive late.

Start at the base of Hartnell Road and get into the forest. Traverse small mountain #1, Becker. Descend Becker and get on to small mountain #2, Bardolph. Descend Bardolph and head to Lumby. Possibly top up on fuel. Head North towards Mable Lake. Take Taylor FRS to the snowmobile cabin on Park Mountain. Start descending Park Mountain and head towards Squaw Road. Take a hard left around 17 km mark towards Sugar Lake. Pass around the South end of Sugar Lake and start heading up the East side. After a bunch of haul road the trail will deteriorate as you enter the burn. After crossing the nasty corduroy logs in the wet area the real work begins. The final 6 kilometres of this trail are an unrelenting difficulty 3/6 to 5/6 until you are finally rewarded with the best motorbike accessible summit that we have ever been to.

As you will see in the video, we were not able to exit the mountain as planned and were forced to backtrack some of the most nasty bits.

Expect to be completely shattered by this ride, unless you are 1% rider.

Video: Yes! Click on the image below.

Difficulty Level 6 (Elite Riders on Big Bikes)

We have decided not to create or share any routes for Class 6 as they are just too dodgy for anybody on an adventure bike, or even most dual sports. If you are a knobby tire ninja you know how to find stuff like this because you fear nothing!

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