Tenere 700 & KTM 1090 on Olaf Berserker (D:4/6)

This route, named Olaf Berserker, is a 2 to 3 hour loop with a big bike difficulty rating of 4/6. If you ride a mid-weight bike like a 690, 700, 790, then it is more like a 3/6. If you are riding a street legal 500 or 450, it’s about a 2/6. See how the system works? 🙂

Each of our routes is named by the hardest segment. In this case, Olaf Berserker is a rather steep, but smooth, descent with trees on each size. Big bikes, or bikes with poor brakes and/or street tires, often have a lot of trouble keeping their speed in check. Just look ahead, and keep smiling. Andrew (Swag) and Mikey make it look easy. Well done!

DATS Dirt Chimps
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