Stink Palm

Difficulty 3/6 (But Barely!), Half Day

The hardest part of this pretty cool route is Hartnell Road’s crux which is 100 meters of Difficulty 3/6, then a bunch of haul roads followed by some really nice D:2/6 double track. This is a great route for novice riders looking to bust into some tasty double-track that isn’t trying to kill them all of the time.

Here’s the run-down. Leave Vernon on Hartnell Road, zoom across Becker Mountain and down to Bardolph Road. Braap up the twisty section of Bardolph, then turn right at the power line. Your GPS will take you to a nice double-track that will parallel the power line eastward. All of a sudden you’ll do a 180 and be coming back west, following another nice double-track back that will dump you on a road, ultimately funnelling you down to Noble Canyon. We mapped this with a fun excursion on the way home that you should give a try so keep an eye on the GPS!

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